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[GC Editorial]
How To Write So People Actually Read Your Newsletter.

Getting people to open your newsletter is one thing. Getting them to read it is another.

It's hard enough to get people's attention online.

And it's even harder to keep it. 

There are a few very simple —but incredibly effective —elements you should incorporate into your writing to keep your readers' attention. Whether you're writing a newsletter, blog post, or cold email, keep these in mind.

And I wouldn't know these if it weren't for Nicolas Cole of Ship 30 for 30 (affiliate).

The most valuable lesson I learned from my Ship 30 for 30 experience was how to write online. 

First things first: take everything you learned about writing in school - and throw it out a 34-storey window so it shatters into a million fragments on the pavement.

Destroy it. Never think about it again. 

Okay, clean slate? Let's do this. 

Here are 3 things you can do today to increase the readability of your work.

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Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."

Carefully curated resources to help you: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter

Let’s get into it!


How to Start + Grow + Monetize A Newsletter with Dylan Redekop via Content Creators Library

I was on the Content Creators Library podcast with Jeff Parker a while back. I really enjoyed this conversation with Jeff. We dove into all things newsletters, including where and how to start, how to grow, and how to monetize. And Jeff did a masterful job of cutting out all my "umms", "uhhs", and "you knows".

Here are some of my favorite sections:

→ 16:35 – Blogs are Dead, but Newsletters Aren’t!
→ 19:54 – Where to Host the Newsletter (4 Options)
→ 24:39 – Even Dylan had a Rough Beginning (mindset is what matters)
→ 29:30 – How do we Monetize a Newsletter?
→ 38:02 – How Often to Send out Newsletters (and what happens if we forget a week?)
→ 41:28 – What the Hell Do you Even Write About?


How I turn 1 piece of content per week into a $45,275 a month creative income by Dan Koe [🧵]

There is so much to love about this thread. It's tactical, provides templates (Dan shows, not tells), and crushes it with this line:

"Sales funnels are great, but content ecosystems are better."
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June 7th 2022


5 ConvertKit tips to get more from your email newsletters by Christian Coulson

*whispers* you can use these strategies on most email platforms. BUT if you're using ConvertKit (like me!) this article is HIGHLY tactical, giving you the step-by-step of how to...

→ Add a countdown timer in ConvertKit emails
→ Set up a custom unsubscribe link
→ A/B test your subject lines
→ Resend to unopens
→ Clean up your ConvertKit list


Shoot Your Shot: A Guide to Effective Cold Outreach by Amanda Natividad

Want to monetize your newsletter with ads & sponsors? You'll need to learn how to pitch effectively—because your friends who bought your first ad spots aren't going to keep up the charity forever. Amanda goes in depth on this SparkToro article about how to nail your cold outreach.

Everything you need to know to start building your email list—for free.

Grab this FREE guide to learn...

how to quickly create a lead magnet that provides real value to your ideal clients
how to write the copy and make a simple landing page so your lead magnet is attractive to your ideal clients
how to promote your lead magnet and get it in front of your target audience
and more...

Use these exact steps to set up a simple lead generation system to attract your ideal clients and start building your email list with this free Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Email Marketing.

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Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some gold for this space.

This week, one of my advertisers asked to postpone their Premium top-of-newsletter ad. Which is totally fine!

But one problem: the let me know 12 hours before the ad was getting run in this very edition!

So I had 2 options:

1) put my foot down and say "too bad" and run the ad anyway
2) graciously accept their postponement and scramble for a new advertiser

I chose #2.

The bonus? I not only filled the Premium ad spot with a generous 50% off rate—I also had inquiries about other ad spots which also got filled. (Check out ad spots here.)

The lesson? If you don't ask, you don't get. Had I not put it out there on Twitter, the top ad would have sat empty. And, it's better to sell discounted ad space than let it go empty. Wasted.

I'll be doing more discounted ads going forward, because I don't fill every ad every week.

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#1: Our Content Strategy To Grow Our Email List To 100k by Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole
Consistency is important. But nobody talks about this. by Dylan Redekop

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