⚡ #118: 52 ways to grow your newsletter

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Hey Reader,

Welcome to the 118th edition of Growth Currency⚡— the now-fortnightly newsletter that helps you start + grow + improve + monetize your newsletter.

Yep—it's meta: a newsletter about newsletters. Check out older editions here.

In this edition:

» Getting your readers addicted to your newsletter
» How the best newsletter operators get 50k+ subscribers
» 52 ways to grow your newsletter
» The math behind a $1M per year newsletter biz

…and more!

Shall we?

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ARTICLE by Growth Currency

Are your newsletter readers ADDICTED?

I used to be addicted to Starbucks. And it wasn’t for the coffee or food — it was their rewards program.

I needed those rewards.

So I stopped at Starbucks every morning on my way to work. I saved up those precious rewards to get the free drink or meal or whatever.

It got so bad I had to cut up my Gold card and delete the Starbucks app. Their rewards program had me firmly within its grasp — so much so that stopping there every morning was a habit I went to extreme measures to shake.

And I’m sure I'm not alone.

What if your newsletter could have the same effect?

What if you could render your readers as driven to read your newsletter as I was to stop at Starbucks every morning?

What if your newsletter was irresistible to open?

How to create an addictive newsletter »

LINKS by Growth Currency

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


How the best newsletter operators grow to 50K+ subscribers w/ Chenell Basilio by Jay Clouse

Key takeaways:

→ Niche Down and Serve Your Ideal Audience [03:18]
→ Leverage Multiple Platforms for Maximum Reach [08:48]
→ Consistency Is Key [16:35]
→ Foster Genuine Connections and Engagement [21:45]
→ Collaborate and Network with Peers [30:12]

52 Ways to Grow Your Email List by Dan O'Shinsky

Be sure to review Dan's 7 things to know before you get started at the beginning!

Key takeaways:

→ FIRST: Understand *why* people should subscribe to your newsletter
Dan covers both Organic (46 strategies) & Paid (6 strategies)


The 3 emails you should send after someone gets your lead magnet by Jeff Felten


The Math Behind a $1M Per Year Newsletter Business by Matt McGarry (via The Newsletter Operator)

Key Takeaways:

4 Models to $1M newsletter: (1) Hybrid, (2) Sponsorship, (3) Leadgen, (4) Courses & Coaching
The math is simple, but it's not easy
Simple math at the end lays out how quick you can grow with X subs per day

(GC ⚡ Affiliate Newsletters Of The Week)

#1 - Podcast Notes

There are a zillion podcasts.

Don’t waste time drowning in an ocean of mediocre audio when you can get summarized notes from the top podcasts—delivered right to your inbox.

I saved SO much time when I started reading Podcast Notes in 2020. I also discovered amazing podcasts I still listen to today, like Danny Miranda and Andrew Huberman.

Subscribe with 1-click »

#2 - How to earn $10k from your first book by Nathan Barry

Attention writers! This is a brand-new newsletter you won't want to miss.

Before Nathan was the successful founder & CEO of ConvertKit, he was making a lot of money writing books like Authority and Designing Web Applications.

Now he's starting a new newsletter to help you package, market, and sell your first book.

*rubs hands together*

This is gonna be good.

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Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it.

But I used to use the word 'penultimate' completely wrong. I thought it was just a fancy or more intense way of saying "the best"!

I'd claim a song was the penultimate or dub the beer I was drinking the penultimate IPA.

Then I realized penultimate just meant the one before the last one.

And so now it's bittersweet I get to finally use it properly:

This is the penultimate edition of Growth Currency⚡— for now.

Next week will be the final edition of GC⚡ for a minute. A few minutes.

For all the summer minutes, most likely. I'm taking a publishing hiatus to spend more time with my family as the weather out in my neck of the Canadian woods gets less rainy and more mosquito-y.

The hiatus will also give me a lot of time to reflect on how far I've come with the newsletter, and where I want to take it.

See you next week for the ultimate edition :)

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PS - here are last edition's TWO most popular links:

#1: 5 Simple Ways To Monetize Your Newsletter TODAY by Growth Currency ⚡ (120 clicks)
How To Grow Your Newsletter With Instagram by Matt McGarry (40 clicks)

Other resources to help you:

The 1KS Roadmap: A Free Course To Your First 1,000 Subscribers
The Ultimate Creator Database of Awesomeness
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