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It's been a minute!

Manyyyyyy minutes.

It’s been *checks calendar* 128 days since I sent the last edition and went on a much-needed summer hiatus.

And now there are ~700 more of you (shoutout ConvertKit Creator Network 🙌) — so if you're new here.. WELCOME it's good to have you.

If you've been with me for a while — welcome back!

This is the 120th edition of Growth Currency⚡— the newsletter that helps you start + grow + improve + monetize your newsletter.

—it's meta: a newsletter about newsletters. Check out older editions here.

In this edition:

» 10 lessons from hitting 500k subs 📈
» How to make less shitty Welcome emails 👋
» Newsletter 👉 Podcast... Podcast 👉 Newsletter?
» Getting to $1M revenue with 70k subs 👀

…and more!

Shall we?

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ARTICLE by Growth Currency


I’ve been working at SparkLoop for 6 months. It's been an amazing ride!

In that time, I’ve…

→ helped publish 14x podcast episodes with successful newsletter operators

→ composed & published 9x Friday Features diving deep into what makes these newsletters successful

→ hosted & moderated a bunch of free Office Hour workshops with insanely smart newsletter peeps

Now I’m boiling down — for you — the biggest lessons from analyzing these successful newsletters.

Here are the 6 biggest lessons I’ve learned when it comes to operating a newsletter.


Feeling stuck with your newsletter?

Sara was feeling stuck with her newsletter.

So she booked a 1-hour newsletter strategy session with me. Here's how our session helped her:

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"500,000" — 10 Lessons on reaching 500k subscribers by Lenny Ratchisky

Key takeaways: Do your “job to be done” better than anyone else in the world.

What makes a good Welcome Email? by Toby Howell

Key takeaways: Activate your readers — push for a reply. Toby says readers that reply have a dramatically increased open rate long term . Just make sure you do it right.

Why turning newsletters into podcasts and podcasts into newsletters is a great strategy for publishers by David Tvrdon

Key Takeaways: More touchpoints with your content = better retention & more conversions.

How Houck's Newsletter is quickly approaching $1M in revenue with 70k subscribers by Dylan Redekop (via SparkLoop)

Key Takeaways:

  1. Use your newsletter as a Trojan Horse to get subscribers into your media/business ecosystem.
  2. Reinvest 100% of profit into newsletter growth to scale as quickly as possible.

(GC ⚡ Affiliate Newsletters Of The Week)

#1 - Marketing Examined by Alex Garcia

One Email.
One Reason.
To Optimize Your Marketing.

Alex is the marketing teardown master.

This week I learned how a clothing brand took advantage of a huge opportunity — thanks to the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce hype train.

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#2 - Marketing Powerplay by Jeremy Moser

Get Jeremy's SEO, marketing, and copywriting strategies he used to drive growth for monday.com, Robinhood, CrowdStrike, Binance, and hundreds more.

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Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

How was your summer? Mine was jam-packed 🙌

Traveled with the family (despite the smokey BC skies).

Enjoyed some fantasy football drafts (despite my shitty teams).

And trained & participated in my first-ever sprint triathlon.

I'm officially addicted and already training for my first Standard distance tri in 2024 💪

Who's with me???

(via personal X 👇)

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