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⚡ How I curate a profitable newsletter (3 simple steps)

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Manage and grow your creator business.

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[GC Editorial]
How I curate a profitable newsletter—in 3 simple steps.

I signed up for a Substack account in September 2020 because I wanted to start a newsletter.

I knew the value in growing an email list and building an audience off of "rented land". But days went by and I didn’t publish anything.

Then weeks.

Then months.

I was stalling. I had nothing to write about (or so I thought).

"I'm no expert. What 'value' can I possibly write about…?"

For months, my imposter syndrome kept me from starting. Frustrated with my own inaction, I finally published my first edition January 19th, 2021.

What changed?

Instead of trying to be an expert, I curated content around topics I was interested in. It worked. And I’ve been doing it for 73 weeks.

I’ve grown my email list from zero to 1.8k subscribers. I’ve even earned some income from publishing it.

So here’s a rundown of how I curate my newsletter each week.

Your tl;dr summary:

  • How I Curate via Other Newsletters
  • How I Curate via Twitter (and how you can do it on any social platform)
  • How I Compile & Plan My Curated Content (using Airtable & Web Clipper)

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Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."

Carefully curated resources to help you: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter

Let’s get into it!


Blogs vs Newsletters with Dylan Redekop and Josh Spector | Craftsman Creative Workshop via Daren Smith

Daren hosted me to discuss the "start a blog vs. newsletter" debate on his Twitter Spaces show. Josh Spector was hanging out in the Spaces crowd so we eagerly invited him share his take.

To sum it up: if you're doing one and not the other, you're leaving money on the table.


How we’ve added 4000+ subscribers in the last 9 weeks by Katelyn Bourgoin [🧵]

Katelyn spent 12 months to get 3,000 newsletter subscribers. Then she got 4k in 9 weeks 🤯 — here are her 6 tips to her growth. I really like #4. Going to have to start a "delight" list ;)


HypergraphiaWant to build a writing habit? Check out Hypergraphia: write anywhere in a desktop browser—it tracks your word count. Then it keeps track of your streak and writing stats.

Here's a quick 1-minute demo so you can see it in action.


How I Leveraged My Twitter Audience And Launched A $420K/Year Finance Newsletter by Pat Walls

This is a masterclass in building a paid newsletter. I have zero experience here, so I'm taking notes.

(via eBiz Facts)

[#Affiliate partner]
80 Ideas to 1,000 Subscribers

When I put together the free 1KS Roadmap course, I dove deep on 5 growth ideas to get 1,000 subscribers.

Paul is offering you 80 ideas here 🤯

And he's conveniently organized them all into 13 categories, including…

→ Directories
→ Social Media
→ Communities
→ Outreach
→ Lead Magnets
→ In Real Life
→ Dream 100
→ Paid Ads
→ Acquisition

Get all 80 ideas »

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some gold for this space.

You might have heard of beehiiv — one of the latest up-and-comers in the newsletter platform space.

The guys behind the platform are former Morning Brew staffers. Just a *smidge* of knowledge around newsletters.

I'm still a die-hard ConvertKit fan, I couldn't help but create an account.

Then I did a "digital unboxing": I took a tour of the platform—for the first time—while recording it.

Here's my (unedited) behind-the-scenes of the beehiiv platform.

SaaS Digital Unboxing: beehiiv

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