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[GC News & Announcements]

What's happening this week?

📢 SparkLoop Launches 2 New Growth & Monetization Tools
The kings of the newsletter referral space recently announced their latest new tools:
The Partner Program: If your main goal right now is audience growth, check this out first.
The Partner Network: Care more about how your newsletter can make more money? "Recommend amazing newsletters to your audience. Get paid when they subscribe."

DID YOU KNOW: you get a SparkLoop account ($199/yr value) included with the ConvertKit Creator Pro plan? Try the Creator Pro plan FREE for 30 days if you sign up before July 31 (affiliate link).

✍️ Niche Definer by Josh Spector
A missing niche is a big reason many hesitate to start a newsletter. Check out the Niche Definer. In Josh's words:
"The Niche Definer is a 53-minute video workshop that shows you how to identify your target audience based on your goals, interests, skills, and experience as well as how to communicate your niche in a way that attracts and resonates with the people you need to reach." Define your niche today »

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[GC Editorial]
12 Things I've Learned Reaching 2k Subscribers in 18 months.

"These are not the growth hacks you were looking for." 🪄

The timing was crazy.

Right before I sent out the 77th weekly edition of my Growth Currency newsletter last week — I hit 2,000 subscribers.

It was fitting, too: my first edition went out January 19th, 2021. And hit 2,000 on July 18th, 2022 18 months to the day (basically).

What began as a little Substack writing experiment has now turned into a small business side hustle. One that’s taught me a lot, helped me teach a lot, and brought in over $5,000 in direct & indirect revenue.

And all I did was promise myself to write 100 editions before quitting. Piece of cake, right? Hah.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of counterintuitive things I’ve learned from this journey to 2k subscribers.

Note: this is not a growth playbook. There are no growth hacks here. Instead, I’m sharing some unique lessons and observations I’ve learned that I wish I had known from the beginning of my newsletter journey.

Read the rest »

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Read your first blog post.

Find your first newsletter edition.

Listen to your first podcast episode...

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As embarrassed as you are, that’s also how proud you should be, because that’s how much your content has grown—how much you’ve grown.

If you're like most creators, your marketing platform reminds you of that first creative effort. It has not kept up. You need a fresh start.

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[GC Curated Resources: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter]
Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


The Ultimate Guide To Starting A Newsletter by Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole

This is brilliant. This guide will help you at the VERY beginning: deciding on a newsletter format. Dickie & Cole explain there are 2 main types of newsletters formats:

1) Short & Curated
2) Long & Original Thinking

AND—they describe which one you should consider:


85+ Tested Ways to Grow Your Email List Fast in 2022 by Vikram Saini

This is a long list. But Vikram is thoughtful enough to break it into different categories, like...

→ How to Grow Your Email List Using Email
→ How to Grow Your Email List With
Your Website
→ How to Grow Your Email List With
Optimization Strategies
→ How to Grow Your Email List With
Social Media
→ How to Grow Email List Using
→ How to Grow Email List Using
Content Optimization

(🔗 via Minimalist Hustler)


50 lessons learned from writing 50 newsletters by Anne-Laure Le Cunff (via Ness Labs)

These are stellar. My favorites any newbie publisher should take note of:

#4 - Focus on the right goals.
#11 - Don’t be afraid to pivot.
#20 - Go beyond one-way broadcasts.
#21 - Ask for feedback.
#35 - It’s a marathon.

(🔗 via


My newsletter is making $2,000 per month with 6,500 subscribers - AMA by Ryan Gilbert (via IndiHackers)

This is an AMA post, so it's short—BUT scroll down to the Q&A below the post for some monetization gold. Ryan published 117 editions of his Workspaces newsletter before earning a DIME. That's dedication.

The GC NOTW (Newsletter Of The Week)

Business Brainstorms Newsletter by Jakob Greenfield

Jakob is spending 12+ hours studying trends, brainstorming ideas, and researching successful companies. Then he packages everything he's learned into a 3-minute report to help you level up your entrepreneurial game.

Check it out & level up »

Bookkeeping just got A LOT easier for Creators.

Step 1: sign up for Kick 👍

Step 2: sync your bank accounts 🏦

Step 3: let Kick find you daily deductions, reduce audit risk—AND handle your tax forms for you 🤯

Step 4: focus on creating content because your bookkeeping is taken care of 🙌

Get your first $10k saved free »​

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some gold for this space.

We (I) just wrapped up the 1KS Roadmap relaunch on Twitter.

It was a neat experiment running an automated course through a social platform. Thanks to Vineet Sinha for giving me chance to take his tool for this test run. The entire course was delivered & automated through

Some interesting stats:

→ 88 accounts signed up the day the course was announced
→ 35 accounts signed up after the course had begun
→ 11 accounts completed ONE assignment (out of five)
→ 4 accounts completed 4 or 5 assignments (out of five)

The point of this 1KS relaunch was to add assignments and incentivize course completion. If you completed a daily assignment, you got a bonus incentive in the form of an additional tip or template.

You can still take the course by replying to this tweet:

twitter profile avatar
⚡ Dylan R. || Newsletter Strategist 💙💛
Twitter Logo
July 12th 2022

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