⚡ #102: My 5 most effective growth strategies.

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What You Need To Know

The State of Newsletters in 2022
InboxReads published their annual State of Newsletters report for this past year. The report includes stats based on the site's growing directory of newsletters submitted (660 newsletters added in 2022 alone). Find stats on the most popular newsletter categories, what topics users are searching for, and the most popular newsletter platforms being used.

ConvertKit announces Craft & Commerce happening in June 2023—and offers early bird discount
Get $100 off your Craft & Commerce 2023 tickets if you purchase now. Save even more if you buy 2x tickets.

Book your newsletter "aha" moment
Natalie needed some direction with her newsletter. So she booked a 30-minute strategy session with me:

"I've been writing my newsletter consistently for a few months, but I had plateaued in subscribers. In 30 minutes, Dylan helped me answer so many questions and create a game plan for my newsletter. He helped me achieve a few "ah ha" moments to countless problems I was mulling over by myself. This was by far the best decision I have made for my business all year." - Natalie P.,

(Or book a 60-min strategy call »)

[GC Editorial]
The Unofficial Guide to Non-Linear Newsletter Growth [updated]

Publishing a newsletter is simple. Growing it is not.

(This article was originally published in September 2022, but I've updated it and wanted to share it with you)

The most common challenge facing all of us newsletter publishers is growth.

And I’ve hesitated sharing my own growth experience, because it’s messy, non-linear, and mostly unremarkable. Meaning, it’s not a sexy hockey-stick curve where I just hit publish long enough that things went “up and to the right” in perpetuity.

I wish.

Growth is tough. It’s tedious and plodding.

But while my newsletter hasn't experienced hyper growthI have managed to grow it steadily to over 2.7k subscribers to date.

I’m going to break 5 of my most effective growth strategies for you.

5 Non-Linear Newsletter Growth Strategies »

[GC Curated: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter]
Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


"Is it worth me starting a newsletter?" by Nikki Simpson & Peter Houston

My Take: This question was posed to Peter Houston. And I'm sure it gets asked often. Well, the short answer is "yes." But first, Peter & Nikki lay out some core "obvious questions" you should ask yourself:

  1. Do you know why you are doing a newsletter?
  2. Is there a reason for your audience to read it?
  3. Are you able to commit to a regular publishing schedule?
  4. Do you have time for promotion across your other publishing channels?


7 Strategies to Scale Your Email Newsletter to a Million Subscribers by Daniel Berk

My Take: LOTS to dig into here. From referral campaigns (Daniel's built replica Morning Brew referral campaigns for other companies) to partnerships to content republishing. You might not have your sights set on 1M subs, but surely this will help you grow *a little* ;)


Stop Romanticizing the Double Opt-In by Drew Price

My Take: Maybe double opt-ins aren't all they're cracked up to be? Drew states:

"The single opt-in gives a higher ceiling if you know what you are doing."

What do you think? Something I'm considering...


How I made $14,950 in 57 minutes with 2 emails and a Google Doc by Katelyn Bourgoin

My Take: I'm shook this is so good. It's not necessarily a newsletter monetization strategy—BUT—if you wanted to sell something with an email launch & social campaign, get out your best pen and take frickin' notes.

twitter profile avatar
Katelyn Bourgoin
Twitter Logo
January 1st 2023

(Newsletter Of The Week)

The Minimalist Hustler by Jamie Northrup

The only newsletter to bring side hustlers 3 quick and valuable resources every single day.

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Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

I turn 40 on Sunday. Mid life.

Apparently sports cars, tattoos, holidays, and expensive gadgets are signals of a mid-life crisis.

Not for me, though.

I started a newsletter business instead 😁

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How to set newsletter (or any) goals you'll actually hit by Growth Currency⚡

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The Ultimate Creator Database of Awesomeness
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