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Newsletters ≠ Email Marketing

“They’re the same thing.” No. They’re not.

I’m writing this because I see it way too often.

An email newsletter is not the same thing as email marketing. Semantics? Maybe. But they both can mean many things.

And the distinction is really important for anyone in a marketing role who’s been tasked with coming up with a “email marketing strategy” or starting a “company newsletter”.

TL;DR — learn how...

  • Newsletters can be standalone media businesses (like a podcast, YouTube channel, or TV show)
  • Newsletters can be part of a content marketing strategy
  • Newsletters can leverage email marketing tactics & strategies (or not)

Newsletters As Media

Let’s add ‘Newsletters’ to the other popular forms of media distribution.

Consider podcasts and YouTube channels.

Both can be standalone distribution platforms generating revenue in the traditional media business model — via ads & sponsorships.


  • Joe Rogan
  • Call Her Daddy
  • Armchair Expert
  • Fantasy Footballers Podcast (must be draft season lol)

The podcast is the product. The YouTube channel is the product. They are media businesses.

Some newsletters operate similarly:

These are media businesses delivered via email (we call them “newsletters” because we haven’t figured out a better name).

They make all or most of their revenue by publishing the newsletter — either from paid subscriptions (Netflix model) or with free content containing ads & sponsors.

A customer consuming these products are — most often — at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

Newsletters as Content Marketing

No, most newsletters do not operate as media entities like previously discussed.

And that’s okay!

Instead, business’s commonly leverage email newsletters within their marketing strategy. But to just call it “email marketing” is problematic.

Email marketing is a marketing & sales strategy.
More on that shortly.

Let’s go back to the podcast & YouTube comparison.

Most leverage podcasts & YouTube videos to gain awareness or interest: top- or middle-of-funnel strategies.


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→ Avoid Long Subject Lines
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→ Use Shortened Words

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