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[GC Editorial]
Consistency is important. But nobody talks about this.

You won’t find an article about 'success in the creator economy' without hearing it:

“Be consistent.”

And for good reason.

Consistency is ultimately one of the most important factors — if not the most important — when it comes to earning income with your creative pursuits. Inconsistent posting & publishing won’t get the attention of algorithms. And it won’t get the attention of humans.

So consistency is important. Without a doubt.

But what if you are consistent.

And you’re consistent for what feels like a long time.

You’ve been posting short content daily, longer content weekly, and engaging non-stop on various platforms — but still not growing an audience as quickly as you hoped, or earning any sort of reliable income — as the Passive Income gurus promised you would be by now.

You have two simple options:

1) Give up.
2) Keep going.

This is your digital fork in the road. If you’re tempted to choose Option #1 — keep reading. Consistency has gotten you this far, you need something more.

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GC ⚡ June Growth Experiment 🧪

We launched a lead magnet experiment in May that garnered over 210 new subscribers. We learned a LOT and I broke the whole experiment down right here.

I'm teaming up once again with SparkLoop in June to run another Growth Experiment.

This one is going to feature a new collaborative SparkLoop tool that I believe will change the game for newsletter publishers big and small.

I'm excited.

We'll break it all down at the end of June and unveil one of their latest newsletter growth tools then!

Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."

Carefully curated resources to help you: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter

Let’s get into it!


How I Curate A Weekly Newsletter by Janel Loi

Curating a weekly newsletter is a quick + easy + popular strategy to get started—especially when you don't have a lot your own content to share. This article shares all the process and automations Janel uses to curate interesting weekly links for her BrainPint newsletter.


Our Content Strategy To Grow Our Email List To 100k by Dickie Bush & Nicolas Cole

So this is insane. For anyone serious about growing and monetizing a newsletter—check. this. out. This shouldn't be free.

GROW (Bonus!)

The Newsletter Booster by Josh Spector

Grow your newsletter in 5 minutes a day, or less—with The Newsletter Booster. This 60-minute course runs through 30 different tactics you can implement into your every day to grow your subscriber list.


How To Run a Re-Engagement Email Campaign in 5 Steps by Emily Wong @

I wrote about the one thing worse than an unsubscribe a few weeks back—the dreaded cold subscriber.

This article by Emily at Paved has some swipe-worthy examples of re-engagemnt campaigns you need to check out. Remember—your email list will shrink a bit, but your open rates and click rates will improve. These are the important metrics, my friends.


How To Make Millions by Writing Online with Sam Parr of the Hustle via IndieHackers Podcast

This episode was the first time I heard how Sam built The Hustle. At the 30:00 mark, he lays out exactly what he'd do to grow a newsletter business starting today. Get out your pen and notepad. Take notes.

His big word of warning: Don't start a Substack newsletter. "I don't think they do a good job. I think they can do great, but I don't think they do great at the moment."

Want to grow & monetize your podcast?

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Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some gems for this space.

Sometimes it's diamonds. Other times it's coal. You tell me:

I'm now 71 newsletter editions into this journey—and I've never had a website. 😬

Yet, I managed to grow this newsletter to over 1,700 of you amazing readers. But... I now need some internet real estate.

So this week, I soft-launched

This is V1 of what I hope will be an ever-evolving and robust website. I've already received some amazing feedback (thanks Will!) on how to improve & optimize it.

My main point here: you don't need a fancy website to get started with a newsletter.

Stop planning, start publishing.

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