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Entrepreneurship ruined my life.

Do you ever feel jealous when reading a newsletter like this?

You read it to improve your business, but you can’t help but feel depressed, maybe even angry, watching everyone else succeed.

You’ve put in the work… yet have nothing to show for it.

I used to feel like this too. It ruined my life.

Until I learned the simple strategies used by successful entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without hustling, grinding, or losing themselves in the process.

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[GC Editorial]
How I Book $1k per Month in Newsletter Ads.

From a $25 ad to over $1k in monthly ad revenue.

Quick note here: I'm on holidays (once more) with my family this week—so this week's editorial is from another popular article on, originally published in May 2022.Please enjoy one more #SummerRerun edition of the GC Editorial.

I sold my first newsletter ad for $25 in September 2021.

8 months later, I’ve booked over $1,400 in ad revenue — in May alone.

My humble newsletter of 1,600 subscribers and 70 editions has earned over $2,500 YTD — including the $1,400 in May — with another ~$650 booked for June. Plus a few spots to fill.

While I’m not going to disclose specific ad rates or intimate details about my advertisers, I WILL cover…

  • how I set my newsletter ad rates
  • how I’ve managed to get (quite a few) inbound ad requests
  • how I’ve sent outbound pitches — and landed several
  • and how I’ve managed the back-end of ad scheduling, inventory, and advertiser communication

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You’re working hard on building your audience.

You’re ready to get even more focused and launch a website for your business…but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

It’s no surprise.

A full-blown website and launch can take 8 weeks and at minimum cost $2,000. Want a better way idea than a full-blown website?

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Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


Why I Chose Ghost for My Email Newsletter by Nick Simard

I've never met Nick before. But he lives less than an hour from me (small world!) and he just launched his latest project, the App Chat newsletter. I love this short, digestible read on the 6 reasons he chose Ghost for his newsletter.


From 78 subscribers to 750,000 with 1440 Media CEO Tim Huelskamp by Ali Montag

"Stop thinking about growth and monetization. Just absolutely nail the customer experience."

That's Tim's advice for anyone pushing from 100 subscribers, and aiming for 1,000. Nailing the customer experience is going to get you the growth & monetization you're looking for. Read to find out Tim's advice for hitting 10,000 subscribers.


21 Writing Tips to Become a Better Writer Fast by Bill Widmer at Ahrefs

Improve your writing, improve your newsletter. These 21 tips aren't fluff. Take Tip #1: Start With The End In Mind. It's logical but I always need that reminder. It helps you as a writer avoid unnecessary details and make every paragraph impactful.

(🔗 via Ahrefs)


How much is a newsletter subscriber really worth? by Louis Nicholls at Sparkloop

3 important words: Subscriber Lifetime Value (SLV). Check out SparkLoop's brand new SLV Calculator and read why you need to know your SLV number. This is a valuable tool for anyone paying—or considering paying—to acquire subscribers. Once you know the value of a customer, you'll know how much you should be paying to acquire them. This is an unlock!

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

It's peak fantasy football season (NFL football for those outside of North America).

My league just drafted in our 11th season. It's intense (and nerdy, fully admit it). But it's fun.

And as a "modest" consumer of fantasy football content, I'm gob-smacked by the level of high-quality and sheer QUANTITY of content from these fantasy football creators:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube episodes
  • TikToks
  • Instagram posts
  • Tweets
  • In-depth articles
  • Newsletters—some weekly, some multiple times per week, and many even daily.
  • Digital products & apps

It made me think...

So many of our newsletters are pieces in a larger content marketing strategy. I look at the Fantasy Football industry as an unexpectedly stellar example in running a robust content machine.

Get your own content strategy inspiration by checking out the Fantasy Footballers or FantasyPros and steal some ideas.

They're great at analyzing football—but they might be even better at creating sticky content and building audiences.

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