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⚡ How I Book $1k per Month In Newsletter Ads

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How I Book $1k per Month in Newsletter Ads

I sold my first newsletter ad for $25 in September 2021.

8 months later, I’ve booked over $1,400 in ad revenue — in May alone.

My humble newsletter of 1,600 subscribers and 70 editions has earned over $2,500 YTD — including the $1,400 in May — with another ~$650 booked for June. Plus a few spots to fill.

I started this newsletter with zero intentions of monetizing it, so the added revenue is icing on the cake.

I’ve learned a lot — and I have a lot more to learn — about this whole newsletter advertising thing. But I’m going to share what I have learned so far, and how I’ve succeeded in monetizing my newsletter with ads and sponsorships.

Here's the Summary...

While I’m not going to disclose specific ad campaign rates or intimate details about my advertisers, I WILL cover…

  • how I set my newsletter ad rates
  • how I’ve managed to get (quite a few) inbound ad requests
  • how I’ve sent outbound pitches — and landed several
  • and how I’ve managed the back-end of ad scheduling, inventory, and advertiser communication

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  • “Like I said, copy, landing pages, headlines etc are things I already obsess over. Doing testing of this sort helps me keep building my marketing muscle.” - Abhash
  • “Seeing what’s happening in my industry and the money.” - Cory

Wynter is a target customer feedback tool looking for people to join its marketing panel.

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Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."

Carefully curated resources to help you: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter

Let’s get into it!


First 10k Newsletter subscribers in 30 days - here's the how by Codie Sanchez

You have to admire Codie's strategic tenacity when it comes to growth. She's grown Contrarian Thinking to over 100,000 subscribers. Here's how she got her first 10,000. Take notes!


⚡ How to leverage TikTok and Instagram Reels to grow your email list by Eva Gutierrez

It's really hard to ignore the power of TikTok these days. I've been following a lot Twitter creators who are making the Tik Tok transition and seeing wild success. But how do you promote a newsletter on a short-form video platform? There are some great examples and ideas in this How To article by Eva at ConvertKit.

GROW (Bonus!)

Find Joy in Chaos by Kevon Cheung (Just launched!)

This is a book about Twitter growth—but it's not the usual Gumroad growth hack garbage.

This book was for written for creators, BY a creator who left his corporate job to do the content creator thing FULL time. This book will help creators like you and me with the fundamentals we need to build a successful Twitter presence. And feel *good* doing it.

→ No chasing after follower count.
→ No beating yourself up for not writing threads or other growth hacks.
→ All about understanding yourself and your goals with Twitter, enjoying the process, and building your influence every day.
→ It challenges a lot of the conventional wisdom around Twitter.

Get a copy today »

IMPROVE — I've been raving on Twitter about Foster's new tool. Why?

1) You submit a Google Doc with your writing.
2) Within 24 hours, receive constructive feedback from their writing community on how to improve it.
3) It is free—for now. But you can add a "bounty" of cash to your submission to incentivize & thank the contributors who help you most.

All of this inside a Chrome extension. Insane.


Sponsor Kit Template: Get Sponsors For Your Newsletter by Paul Metcalfe

Give Paul your email address and get this beautiful + professional—and fully customizable—template to pitch sponsors. Kind of a no-brainer, right?

[#Ad] Take industry surveys—get paid for your feedback.

Join Wynter's marketing research panel.

→ Take industry surveys, get paid for your feedback and comments.
→ Learn what businesses that try to sell to you are testing.
→ Influence their messaging with your feedback.
→ It takes ~1-15 min to be part of one survey.
→ Super low time commitment.

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Last night as I was preparing this newsletter for it's routine Tuesday night send, I found out about the unimaginable tragedy in Uvalde, Texas.

I felt a wave of emotions. Sadness. Despair. Grief. Anger. Confusion. My heart is broken for the families of the victims. Yet another senseless act of gun violence that didn't need to happen.

I didn't send this newsletter out at the usual time. It didn't feel appropriate.

It still doesn't, to be honest...

Please hold your loved ones close.

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