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published2 months ago
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I've partnered with my new friends at SparkLoop to conduct some 30-day experiments over the next few months. We're trying a few different growth strategies and sharing it all in public!

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We recently recorded this Twitter Space to set the stage: How to grow your newsletter with a lead magnet »

The Most Overlooked Factor For Newsletter Success

I started noticing this odd trailer in a front yard in my neighborhood.

For a few weeks as I'd drive by while driving my kids to school, something new would appear.

First it was the trailer. Then a picnic table. Some chairs. An ‘Open’ sign.

Then a larger sign: “Brew Fellas”

Turns out it was a coffee shop—fully licensed, serving fresh coffee in a front yard. Like an adult version of a lemonade stand. Except caffeinated, and in a food truck.

“Cool, I’m gonna check it out!”

One morning I parked on the side of the road and grabbed a coffee served to me by Ian. Ian’s a retiree. He decided to build a mobile coffee shop with his daughter.

But there was a problem: his daughter bailed while they were mid-build. Ian went ahead with the mobile coffee shop anyway. Now he’s parked on his daughter’s yard, serving coffee and doughnuts—all by himself.

As I chatted with him, he said something that struck me.

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"Knowledge is the currency of growth."

10 Unconventional Lessons I've learned to help you grow your own creative projects by Jeremy Enns [🧵]
I have loads of respect for Jeremy. He just published his 100th edition of his fantastic newsletter called Creative Wayfinding—and has nearly crossed the 2,000 subscriber mark. Lessons #1 & #3 resonated with me big time.

twitter profile avatar
Jeremy Enns 🇨🇦
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April 22nd 2022

How I Started A $1K/Month Blog And Newsletter with Pete Codes (via Starter Story)
I love Pete's story. It reminds me a lot about starting my newsletter and the trials of attempting to monetize it with ads. This is a deep dive with loads of nuggets—including some hard lessons Pete learned that you can avoid.

Squibler.ioDubbed "the most dangerous writing app" because, well, stop typing and find out for yourself 😉

7 ConvertKit Experts Share ConvertKit’s Most Underrated Features by Eric Melchor
Not using ConvertKit yet? Here's a great list of reasons to come aboard. Oh—you ARE using ConvertKit? Awesome. You should still check this out and take notes ;)

Who are these CK experts?
→ Jay Clouse
→ Aquila Farrell
→ Justin Moore
→ Jason Resnick
→ Julia Taylor

BTW: I'm a proud ConvertKit user/brand ambassador/affiliate. You can sign up for a free ConvertKit account HERE with my affiliate link and you'll help support me at no extra cost to you :)

12 Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Website by Daria Voronina (via SEMRush)
Lead magnets are a great way to grow your email list. Use this resource to get some ideas on content you can use to build out a lead magnet yourself.

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So what is the "5-Minute Monday"?

It's 3 quick-hitters designed to get you thinking early in the week around…
→ Marketing
→ Personal Development
→ Learning

Get smarter in 5-minutes or less »

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I joked about non-Elon news at the beginning of this email, but Twitter is my #1 avenue for promotion and engagement. I'm not sure what the future holds but I'm remaining as optimistic as possible.

And worst case scenario, you're here reading this. Not on a rented platform.

(that's your cue to start building an email list ;)

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