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Creating 2x Content from ONE Conversation, 16 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Biz, and Minimum Viable Creativity

published8 months ago
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Ever wonder what Growth Currency means? My friend Luke Cannon asked so I thought maybe more people might be wondering.

Here's what it's about.

GROWTH INSIGHTS | Creating Valuable Content with Twitter Spaces

Have you been participating in Twitter Spaces? If you don't know what Twitter Spaces are, think Clubhouse for Twitter.

I've written before about building a "quality" audience, and Twitter Spaces will help you do just that. Spaces are a fantastic way to build connections with your audience, or to get in front of someone else's audience.

But even more—Twitter Spaces can provide you with stellar content.

Vineet Sinha and myself have been hosting Twitter Spaces on the topic of online course creation and tooling. We're tapping into the minds of course creators and online learning experts like Daren Smith, Alexandra Allen, Kevon Cheung, and Jeremy Enns, to name a few (and even more to come!).


The "content problem" with Twitter Spaces is the fact they're live. And live content is challenging in a global market with time zones.

So what's the solution?

I first saw Michael Greenberg doing live recorded Spaces earlier this year while interviewing creators on Twitter Spaces. He was recording the audio and then turning them into a produced podcast.

This way, your audience gets the option of a live listening experience, and/or a recorded 🔴 Space to listen to (at a later date). Really smart.

So we are recording our Twitter Spaces, too. They might be turned into a short podcast series, or perhaps we'll share some valuable clips, or both. Either way, we will have the content to leverage and share however we feel is most valuable for our audience.

You can do the same!

(One tiny glitch: Twitter Spaces does not have a built-in recording option, so you have to be creative. I've used Chrome Audio Capture to record our Spaces and I just found out about which records Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse rooms (more on this in this week's GC⚡ links).

So there are 2 solid reasons to start hosting and recording your Twitter Spaces: you can grow your audience AND 2x your content!

1) Grow your audience
2) 2x Content Creation (live & recorded)

So... what are you waiting for? I hope to see you scheduling and recording your conversations soon!

If you want any additional help or guidance, please reply to this email or DM me on Twitter — I'm happy to help guide you :)

Join us for some upcoming Spaces:

Our Chat with Kevon Cheung - November 03, 2021 @ 8am EST

Our Chat with Jeremy Enns - November 03, 2021 @ 2:30pm EST

**IMPORTANT: never record a space without the acknowledgment and consent of those participating in the space. Include it in your


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16 Marketing Ideas from Side Hustle Nation to Grow Your Business by Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation

"Like it or not, we're all marketers." Nailed it with the first sentence of this post, Nick 👌

Here are a few ideas from the post to whet your appetite…

#2 - Before Creating Any Content, Start With the Promise
#6 - Work in Public on New Tools to Build Authority and Expertise
→ #10 -
Viral Formula: Entertaining, Educational, Aspirational

Check it out »

Backstage by — A really interesting tool I just discovered because well... they liked my tweet about Twitter Spaces. And boy I'm glad my impulsive curiosity got the best of me! Here's a really, really, really short demo (and my first *official* YT video 😅)

The Tiny Marketing Ideas Newsletter (Swipefiles) by Corey Haines

Corey Haines quit his job more than a year ago to go head-first into Corey's a prolific creator and my inbox has been blessed with his Tiny Marketing Ideas newsletter over the past month. Here are a few subject lines that got my attention 👀

📂 Tiny Marketing Ideas: Playlists-as-marketing
→ 📂 Tiny Marketing Ideas:
Marketing jiujitsu
→ 📂 Tiny Marketing Ideas:
Moneyball Marketing

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32 best writing tools and tips of 2020 by Iain Broome of Draft Mode Newsletter

Iain's written a book and he writes a stellar newsletter geared towards writers. When he shares writing tools & tips, I take notes—and share them with you!

PS - Don't let the date of that post turn you off—these tips and tools all work in 2021 and beyond ;)

Minimum Viable Creativity by Ryan Mulholland

I've shared this post before, but it's worth sharing again 🔥 You've heard of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), but what about for us creatives? Consider the MVC strategy.

Blog Post Idea Generator by Neville Medhora

We could all use a little help in the idea creation department. Try this blog post idea generator next time you're stuck on an idea for a blog or a Twitter thread 💡

Start generating ideas »

The 6 Steps of Building an Audience From Nothing by Geraint Clarke @ BetterMarketing

You might not need a massive audience of thousands upon thousands of followers to make a decent income online—but it sure helps. I love this article by Geraint Clarke because it's step-by-step with tactical advice you can start implementing TODAY. So go! Start :)

Here are the first 2 Steps...

1️⃣ Identify where your audience is hiding
2️⃣ Reel In Like-Minded People (The LinkedIn Strategy)

What I Learned After Posting on 10 Platforms Every Day for 30 Days by Frank Wazeter

Some interesting insights here about posting strategies for Instagram & LinkedIn, particularly around how Reels and Carousel-style posts generated ~10x views compared to standard posts.

What's been your most successful content strategy for social posting? I'm taking a more serious look at these ones now 👀

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