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The 1KS Roadmap: Getting your first 1,000 newsletter subscribers

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It's can be a long path to your first 1,000 subscribers.

But it doesn't have to be.

It took me 10 months of weekly publishing + promotion to grow my newsletter to 1,000 subscribers. I learned a lot of lessons.

What worked well. What didn't.

And getting your first 1,000 subscribers is the hardest 1,000.

So I created my first ever email course teaching you the strategies I've used to crest 1k.

And not only mine—I reached out to some other newsletter publishers asking them to share their most successful strategies. I included a few of theirs as well.


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This new email course is in collaboration with my good friends at SparkLoop and is supported by the SparkLoop Media Network.


"Knowledge is the currency of growth."

I'm trying something a little different here. Since refining this newsletter's focus, I've been playing with the tagline of "Helping you start + grow + improve + monetize your newsletter". In that spirit, here's your Growth Currency⚡this week to help you....

→ Start ▶️
→ Grow 🪴
→ Improve 📈
→ Monetize 💰

— Let's get into it!


5 things Justin did to rapidly grow his "rebooted" newsletter—to 21k subscribers in 90 days.
What should you focus on when starting out? According to Justin…

  1. A focused audience
  2. Publishing consistency
  3. Providing a clear outcome
  4. Making it consumable
  5. Marketing it effectively
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Justin Welsh
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April 30th 2022


How to Use LinkedIn Newsletters: A Guide for Marketers by Michael Stelzner
I'm guilty of not leveraging LinkedIn's newsletter feature—or LinkedIn at all—to grow my newsletter. But do as I say—not as I do! This article goes over the basics in setting up and promoting your newsletter on LinkedIn. (via Not A Newsletter)


The ultimate guide to compelling email subject lines: data-driven best practices + 21 examples by Kaleigh Moore
"Data-driven best practices" is making my knees weak *swoon*. This report is focused more on product email marketing, yet still filled with useful insights for newsletter writers. Improve your newsletter's open rates with these "data-driven" tips.


How Josh Spector Earns $48,000 A Year Newsletter Ads (with 18,000 Subscribers) by Josh Spector & Copyblogger
The Copyblogger podcast has been in my heavy rotation lately. And I was all ears on this podcast episode as Tim Stoddart & Ethan Brooks analyzed Josh's ad strategy and booking process. I've advertised in Josh's newsletter and it was great to see his simple sign-up process get the recognition it deserved. Time to replicate!

I'll admit it. I'm a bit nervous.

I've never created an email course before. Also...

I've never set up an email sequence in ConvertKit. I've never activated any mildly complex automation either.

So the 1KS Roadmap is my first go at it. I'm sure something will break or not go according to plan.

But sometimes the only way to practice is to ship your work.

What are you shipping this week?

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