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What You Need To Know

Gumroad to increase fees on sales to 10% plus processing fees
Gumroad CEO Sahil Lavingia announced (very casually) a flat increase in fees across the board to 10% for all creators starting January 31, 2023. Currently, fees are tiered—the lowest tier only paying 2.9% + processing fees.

Want an alternative? Try ConvertKit Commerce with a free ConvertKit starter account. CK only charges processing fees (3.5% + $0.30/transaction). That's it.

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Revue to be permanently shut down by Twitter in January 2023
It's now official. Adjust accordingly. Have I mentioned how great ConvertKit is ;)

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[GC #GuestPost Editorial]
Every newsletter writer needs their own Swipe File

[Enjoy this guest post by the one-and-only Corey Haines]

Every newsletter writer needs their own swipe file.

A swipe file is a collection of email and newsletter examples to use for inspiration.

Steve Jobs said “good artists copy, great artists steal.

Never run out of ideas ever again with a Swipe File.

Don’t have one yet?

Corey will show you exactly how to build the most valuable resource you’ll have in your career.

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[GC Curated: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter]
Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


Milk Road: From 0 to Acquisition in 10 months by Tyler Denk (via beehiiv)

My Take: This article could be under any of the four sections here (start/grow/improve/monetize) — BUT — I've put it here because the Milk Road newsletter did all of those things wildly quickly in such a short time. For anyone serious about creating a newsletter media business, HERE IS A PLAYBOOK.


I stole 10 newsletter growth strategies from the top creators in the industry by Alex Llull

My Take: Alex writes the Steal Club. He's got a gift for "stealing" templates, frameworks, and strategies that have worked for other creators. This thread is aces.

twitter profile avatar
Alex Llull🕵️‍♂️
Twitter Logo
June 28th 2022


164 Best Email Subject Lines And Why They Work! by Mary Fernandez (via OptinMonster)

My Take: This article is nicely broken down into subject line 10 categories, including:

  1. Drive Fear of Missing Out
  2. Invoke Curiosity
  3. Be Funny
  4. Appeal to Vanity
  5. Provoke Greed
  6. and more...


How to Grow and Monetize a Niche Newsletter: From Zero to $1,300 a Month w/ Nick Loper & Danielle Desir-Corbett

My Take: An inspiring story of how to turn research into a paid subscription. Danielle started the Grants For Creators and within a year, turned it into a paid newsletter that brings in over $1,300/month.

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The Lead by Evan Kelly

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Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

Sunday is Christmas (Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate it!).

And that little holiday (understandably) overshadows what Tuesday will be:

the 100th weekly edition of this newsletter.

Publishing 100 weekly editions was the only goal I had when I started Growth Currency. I'm really proud of this milestone.

And I'm so honored and grateful to have you here along for the journey. I hope I've been able to help guide you in your newsletter journey.

So what happens after #100?

Wait 'til next week to find out...

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