⚡ #97: How I fixed my Welcome Email to increase conversions.

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This is GC⚡ #97 — your secret weapon for newsletter monetization ⚔️

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[GC News & Announcements]
What You Need To Know

beehiiv Announces API Improvements
beehiiv is a newsletter platform to keep a close eye on. Their product comes with a built-in referral program, recommendations feature, subscription features & 3D analytics—and now they've just released V2.0 of their API allowing you to:

  • Add new subscribers along with any custom fields (name, age, etc.)
  • Update the subscription status of any reader
  • Display your posts wherever you'd like to
  • Pull campaign data and metrics from any (or all) of your posts
  • Retrieve data about your referral program to display elsewhere
  • Retrieve data about various audience segments or email blasts


Just Connecting release report on LinkedIn's Algorithm
With the future of Twitter uncertain, you might need to pay more attention to LinkedIn as a newsletter growth platform. This 57-page report details how the LinkedIn algorithm has changed and how you can optimize your content for it.

[GC Editorial]
How To Segment New Subscribers With a Welcome Email [PART 2]

A few editions back, I shared why it’s important to segment your subscribers. Check it out here to catch up.

Not gonna lie: I was fired up when I wrote it!

I envisioned a smooth process that worked like magic. It would tell me more about my new subscribers and their goals & challenges.

Plus… remember, the whisperings of “double the revenue!

Who doesn't want that?

So I updated my Welcome email with new link tags to segment and waited with bated breath.

But what happened?

Well… after one week, I was feeling deflated:

  • 8 new subscribers received the new Welcome Email
  • 6 opened it
  • 3 subscribers clicked on at least one link

Pretty good click rate! But one glaring problem: not a single person clicked on any of the segmentation links.

Yep, these ones ↓

5 links to click…. zero actual clicks.

Instead, they clicked my Most Popular Links options ↓

Now these are great links, so the clicks makes sense.

And I can’t force new subscribers to click one of the 5 segmentation links (a legit concern I had going into this). But I didn’t anticipate going 0-for-6.

That’s a problem.

Here's how I fixed it and got more clicks »

[GC Curated: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter]
Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


7 Simple Ways To Niche Down by Dickie Bush, Nicolas Cole

My Take: Everyone thinks about niche as a topic. But in this article, Dickie & Cole share other ways you can niche down regardless of the topic you write about. It's a helpful reframing for anyone stuck in niche ambiguity.


4 Strategies For Re-Using Your Media Coverage by Nina Greimel

My Take: Being a guest on a popular podcast is great—but you should still be capitalizing on the attention. Nina gives you a few ways to reuse your media coverage to boost your audience, authority, and credibility.


Want readers to keep reading? A Guide to Get Readers Glued to the Screen by Stefanie Flaxman

My Take: I'll always devour tips like this. If you can't engage and retain your reader's attention, you're fµ©ked . All 3 of these tips are great, but I really like the last 2.


Making $15K on a 3K newsletter in a year by Alex Zdanov

My Take: Loads of detail in this article, similar to my GC⚡ post from last week—but different.

(Newsletter #Affiliate Of The Week)

Newsletters 101 by Abhishek Shah

Helping you level up your newsletter game.

Newsletters 101 helps creators like you launch, scale, and monetize your email list. Turn your newsletter into a fundamental component of your business.

Subscribe today »

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

I listen to a lot of podcasts.

To save the best parts, I use a podcast player called Snipd.

Here's a recent "snip" I grabbed—then tweeted—all within the app:

twitter profile avatar
⚡ Dylan Redekop || Newsletter Strategist 💙💛
Twitter Logo
This is so good. @robertoblake with @jspector Listen to these 2 mins on the I Want To Know podcast 💯💯 (created w/ @snipd_app)…
link visual
Your Single Best Tip for Video Descriptions | 2m...
2min snip from A YouTube Expert With 500K Subscribers Reveals His Secrets | I Want To Know
November 30th 2022

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