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Don’t waste money on expensive landing page builders

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Launching something new into the world feels sweet, but there’s no sugar-coating the fact that it’s hard work.

Even the most experienced creators struggle with the time and effort required to design a website, collect leads, and grow their audience.

Not to mention the cost of all those tools can add up. Online creators like you need to make the most of every dollar.

The good news?

It's easy to design landing pages that convert on a budget. And to help you choose the right one for your business, we’ve tested the top 10 free landing page tools.

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[GC News & Announcements]
What you need to know

📢 [Webinar] Smart affiliate marketing strategies for content creators by ConvertKit & Brian Clark​

There's huge opportunity with affiliate sales in the newsletter space. Learn from the best in this FREE webinar with ConvertKit and Brian Clark—founder of Copyblogger. Sign up even if you can't make it so you can watch the replay.

🚀 SparkLoop launches Partner Program Signup Pages

SparkLoop launched their Partner Program a few months ago—basically enabling you to pay your desired rate for referred newsletter subscribers via "partners" of your choice. And now they've made it even easier for you to create Signup Pages (like this one). Check out the demo by SparkLoop cofounder Louis Nicholls.

[GC Editorial]
I got in the ConvertKit Sponsor Network — here’s why you should (or shouldn’t) join.

The Pros & Cons to joining the CKSN.

I published my first newsletter ad in my 34th edition (one year ago) on September 7th, 2021. (Check it out here)

Since then — and for the next 360 days — I was slowly growing my ad revenue in my newsletter to eventually over $1K per month.

Getting there involved…

  • outbound pitches & sales
  • dealing with inbound inquiries
  • managing the ad calendar & inventory
  • dealing with ad creative
  • ad reporting
  • and even managing payment processing in many situations.

All that while trying to create + curate a valuable newsletter for my readers.

Long story short: it was a shit-ton of work.

Rewarding? Yes.

But time-consuming and unsustainable to continue to do on my own. Which is why when ConvertKit announced their Sponsor Network (CKSN)... I was *very* interested.

To get your application accepted, you just needed to be a ConvertKit customer (🗸), publish at least a weekly newsletter (🗸), and have 10,000 email subscribers — oh.

My newsletter didn't (and still doesn't) have 10k subscribers.

I wouldn’t have even applied if it weren’t for Derrick Hicks, the Marketing Manager at ConvertKit.

twitter profile avatar
Derrick Hicks
Twitter Logo
June 28th 2022

So I applied anyway, expecting a polite rejection.

But sure enough, I got an interview with Armando Roggio — who’s managing a bulk of the CKSN duties — and was offered a spot. All of this despite my ~2k subscriber list.

But I didn’t say yes — at least not immediately.

Read the Article »

[GC Curated: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter]
Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


The Secrets to Picking Your Newsletter Niche by Codie Sanchez

This is a short & sweet—and helpful—article highlighting the Three C's you need to consider when deciding your newsletter niche. Hint: "If you don't have all three C's—don't do it."


An Email List Builders Dream by Max Bernstein

This FREE free lead magnet features growth tips from 30 newsletter publishers (incl. yours truly).


Creating accessible emails: A guide for marketers and journalists by Dan Oshinsky

You want your readers to be able to read your emails, right? "For email subscribers, accessible emails allow them to access and use the information in an email and benefit from the content in their inbox."

(🔗 via InboxReads)


How To Monetize Your Newsletter: 7 Proven Methods With Examples by Vidya @ Swapstack

This is a Swapstack article so there's some platform bias — BUT — you'll get an in-depth look at what it can do for you with examples & screenshots. And read about a few non-Swapstack monetization methods, too.

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

My son had his first soccer match yesterday. It was so great to watch him in action, and I couldn't be more proud—but I noticed something.

He and all the other kids were all 100% focused on the ball.

They swarmed it like bees on honey. Nobody was trying to get open for a pass, and nobody was looking to pass the ball.

There was zero strategy.

And they're kids having fun, I wouldn't expect anything different. But it made me think about content & newsletters:

How often are we too laser-focused on chasing the ball and ignoring the strategy altogether?

For me: more often than I'd like to admit.

I publish this newsletter in my "spare" time, which means I'm sacrificing basic improvements and overall strategy just to get it to you every week. I've been neglecting some low-hanging fruit, including much-needed focus on growth.

I need to keep my eye on the ball, sure. But I also can't lose sight of the goal. ⚽

How's your strategy looking these days?

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