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⚡ #84: Newsletter Network Effects, How To (Actually) Grow Your Newsletter, and How TheSkimm Makes $$

published27 days ago
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[GC Editorial]
Are Substack’s Network Effects worth the tradeoff?

4 things you should consider before switching.

Lenny Rachitsky writes Lenny’s Newsletter: a weekly newsletter about “product, driving growth, and working with humans.”

He has over 200,000 subscribers, including over a thousand paying subscribes.

Lenny publishes on Substack. He recently tweeted how Substack is now driving 10% of his paid subscriber growth — and 72% of his free subscriber growth.

twitter profile avatar
Lenny Rachitsky
Twitter Logo
August 31st 2022

He ends the tweet off with “Network effects in action”.

And understandably so—given how his growth on the platform is creating the flywheel, network effect of growing his newsletter.

His growth is propelling more growth.

So what does this mean for the 99.9% of newsletter publishers who do not have lists this big?
→ Should you switch to Substack to take advantage of their “network effects”?
→ Or if you haven’t launched yet, should you start on Substack?

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[GC Curated Resources: Start + Grow + Improve + Monetize your newsletter]
Your Growth Currency ⚡ This Week

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


12 Amazing Newsletter Examples (& What You Can Learn From Them) by Kayla Hollatz

A lovely in-depth article featuring 12 swipe-worthy newsletter strategies. Save this one to your bookmarks or Notion or Pocket or whatever the kids are using these days 😅


How To (Actually) Grow Your Newsletter: The Growth Assassin Behind Codie Sanchez and Milk Road by Tim Stoddart (Copyblogger)

A doozie here. Get out your pens and paper. Just wish there were chapter markers 😭...


21 subject line frameworks to skyrocket your opens by Jim Hamilton [🧵]

Some great tips here to improve your subject line game. Pair these tips with this headline analyzer = 🚀🌙

twitter profile avatar
Jim Hamilton | Freelancing & Direct Response
Twitter Logo
April 29th 2022


How TheSkimm Makes Money: Advertisements and Subscription Services by Investopedia

Sure. TheSkimm isn't exactly small potatoes. They have over 1.5M subscribers. But that doesn't mean we can't learn & apply their monetization strategies. Take this as a blueprint—or even inspiration.

(🔗 via InboxReads)

(Newsletter Of The Week)

Content Connect by Ashley Cummings

Ashley puts together a loaded weekly newsletter all about content writing. She publishes her own tips & experience to make you a better content writer while interviewing other writers in the industry.

"Subscribe to grow your writing & content marketing muscles."

A recent issue I enjoyed: The on-page SEO strategy content writers need to learn...

​See for yourself »

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

Summer vacations are wrapped up. My family enjoyed the last week of August in Whistler, BC. Here's another vacay image:

Vacations are great (duh). They help with family bonding, give you new perspectives, and time away from the (home) office. Win!

I acknowledge not everyone can afford the time away, but if you can, they it's well worth the recharge.

Creator burnout is real. "Real work" burnout is real. Every-day burnout is real.

I'm looking forward to coming back this fall recharged with some bigger & better Growth Currency content and resources—including some changes.

One change you might've noticed: only ONE sponsored ad in this edition. I've been accepted into the ConvertKit Sponsor Network and in doing so have whittled down my ad spots to one per edition. Win!

I'll be writing more about the change soon. Stay tuned.

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