⚡ #112: How to DOUBLE your opt-in page conversions

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This is the #112th edition helping you start + grow + monetize your newsletter.

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What You Need To Know

News from GC & the Newsletter industry

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Revealed: Top 27 highest-earning Substack newsletters generate over $22m a year
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I teased some big news in GC⚡ a few weeks ago...
Some have asked me about the news I promised to announce on March 20th. It went like this:

I got some really good news this week.
News that will be a big change in my personal and professional life. And will have a significantly positive impact on this newsletter and, hopefully, on you.

Well... *checks calendar* it's a few days late, but the news is here! Read to the end to catch it 🙌

APPEARANCES by Growth Currency

The past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind (read the big news at the end to find out whyyyy).

While I haven't had the time I've needed to publish new, quality articles for y'all (sorry!)—I *have* been making the media rounds (hat tip to the OPA strategy from the 1KS Roadmap *wink*).

I think you'll get some great newsletter tips here.

Appearance #1: Newsletter Circle by Ciler Demiralp

Ciler interviewed me through a Notion doc. She had loads of great questions, some that really got me thinking. In this interview, you'll learn:

→ my GC⚡ tech stack
→ why I chose to start a newsletter instead of a blog
→ how my growth strategy has evolved
→ what I'd do differently if I were starting over
→ how I've monetized my newsletter (and how monetization has evolved)

Read it all here »

Appearance #2: Entrepreneur Ecosystem w/ Chanti Zak & Dawn Petrin

I had the pleasure of being a guest on Chanti & Dawn's podcast! We talked ALL things newsletters (obviously). Here's what you'll learn:

→ How is a newsletter different from email marketing (7:21)
→ The different types of platforms for newsletters (38:23)
→ How to find your newsletter niche (41:27)
→ Using newsletters as blog posts (47:28)
→ How to monetize a newsletter (51:20)

Listen on SPOTIFY »

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Appearance #3: Thousand Faces Club Podcast w/ Shubham Tiwari

→ What would I choose: 100k newsletter subscribers vs. 10M TikTok followers (3:07)
→ What makes a newsletter "read-worthy"? (8:23)
→ How I approach my content strategy & distribution (13:45)
→ How I come up with—and capture—content ideas (21:32)
→ How I monetized with my first dollar vs. how I monetize now (25:30)

LINKS by Growth Currency

"Knowledge is the currency of growth."


Newsletter Blueprint: Resources for Newsletter Business Builders by Paul Metcalfe

My Take: Whether you're just starting your newsletter journey or been at it for a while, Paul (from Lettergrowth.com) has assembled articles & resources to guide you. Get links to help you...

→ Choose newsletter platforms
→ Grow your newsletter
→ Monetize
→ Design your newsletter & sign-up page


Growing First 1000 to 10k Subscribers (PART 1 & PART 2) by Ali Abouelatta

My Take: Ali started the First 1000 Newsletter a few years back where he writes deep dives "about how founders got their first 1000 customers". In these two articles (Part 1 || Part 2), Ali writes a meta-style article about the growth of his own newsletter: how First 1000 got its first 1000 subscribers.


Optimizing your Opt-in Page by Jens Lennartsson

My Take: I love this report-style breakdown about optimizing your newsletter's opt-in (ie. sign-up) page. Loaded with key steps, success stories, mistakes, and resources—put even 10% of this into action and watch your conversion rate jump UP.


Earn Hundreds Per Month In 2023 With a Simple Newsletter Signup Form (No Joke) by Burk

My Take: Sure this reads like clickbait. But the simple fact is people ARE earning hundreds (even thousands in some cases) per month.

(Note: this is a Medium.com article—to read unlimited Medium articles by writers like Burk & me, create an account with my referral link)

(GC ⚡ Newsletter Of The Week)

House of Leadership by David Marsh

Grow as a leader and build a high-performance culture.

Join 5000+ Leaders getting high-quality and actionable leadership tips directly to their inboxes every week. Take your personal development and mindset to the next level.

Check it out »

Thanks for making it to the end—I try and save some personal ramblings for this space.

Alright. The news.

I recently accepted a full-time role with SparkLoop!

If you're not sure what SparkLoop is, they are the #1 Newsletter Growth Platform 🙌 — as I'm sure many of you will be familiar with their popular Partner Program & Partner Network.

It's a match made in newsletter heaven 🥰🥰

Monday was my first day and it's been so awesome working with Louis and the team! I'm really excited for all the awesome things we have in store to help newsletter operators get to the next level—and wayyyy beyond.

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Newsletter Growth Channels by Matthew McGarry (69 clicks)

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The 1KS Roadmap: A Free Course To Your First 1,000 Subscribers
The Ultimate Creator Database of Awesomeness
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