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Learn How To Optimize & Grow Your Substack Newsletter

I see so many people starting Substack newsletters and making the same mistakes I made.

I created this guide to help you start your Substack newsletter STRONG—optimizing your newsletter for growth from the moment you create your account to the exciting moment you hit 'PUBLISH'!

Learn successful strategies for…
→ setting up your Substack newsletter
→ optimizing your Welcome email
→ winning newsletter templates & ideas
→ promoting your newsletter

👋Hi! My name is Dylan.
6 months ago, I started the Growth Currency ⚡ newsletter on Substack—and made a lot of mistakes.

I don't proclaim to be a Substack or email newsletter expert, but I have learned a lot publishing a weekly newsletter for 27+ straight weeks.

I created this eBook as a valuable resource to help you avoid making the same mistakes I made—and get you set up, publishing, and promoting your Substack newsletter in no time!

👉 Get this eBook even if you don't use Substack—a lot of the principles I discuss are universal to any newsletter platform.

Thanks in advance!

Learn How To Optimize & Grow Your Substack Newsletter

I wish I had this guide when I got started with Substack and email newsletters—so I made it for YOU!

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